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Schedule Assets

Sponsoring tickers is easier and more lucrative than ever with BTi! Increase Revenue by reporting exactly how many hours, minutes, or seconds you aired a sponsor graphic this segment, day, week, month, quarter, etc. Run a report and paste it into an email to the sponsor to prove that their graphic did air for 10 minutes while you were running Monday’s 5am ticker. Schedule Assets allows marketing staff to determine in advance which sponsors should run, when they should run, and keeps track of each sponsor that ran.

  • As-Run reporting on all played assets available as well as chronological As-Run logging

  • Schedule Assets: ~Daily ~Weekdays ~Weekends ~A day of the week (ex. every Tuesday) ~Once

  • View Assets hourly, by minutes or by seconds

  • Modify one or a series of schedules

  • Create and maintain one or multiple asset lists