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BTi Downloads

---BTi Software---

Attendant Solutions Workstation v 8.1
Attendant Solutions Workstation Install Instructions


---Teamviewer Software---

Teamviewer QuickSupport

Teamviewer Host Installer

---GoToAssist Software---

GoToAssist Expert desktop application
  • (For Remote Administration Only)

  • Goto Assist
  • (No Fast Support)

  • Goto Assist (BTi)
  • (BTi Only)

  • Goto Assist (Kxxx)
  • (Stations That Start with K...)

  • Goto Assist (Wxxx)
  • (Stations That Start with W...)

  • ---Other BTi Documents---

    Server & Workstation Hardware Spec. Sheet

    Requirements for VM:
    6 - vCPUs
    8 GB RAM
    Need 50GB - 60GB free space on hypervisor