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    We look forward to seeing you at NAB2024 in Las Vegas! We'll be located at Booth SU4142N in the Creator Lab of the South Hall.
  • Ready for 2024 Elections?

    Contact us to find out why BTi is THE Leader in Data Services for Local and National TV Election Results! That includes data flowing in from Internationally acclaimed results providers, secretaries of state, and local clerks offices as well as data flowing out to a variety of Character Generators or data formats.
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    BTi is first choice for Tickers, Elections, and Closings in the Top 25 US markets, including the leading 4 Broadcast TV Network Affiliates Group. BTi can be seen over Stations and Networks serving 98% of 120 mil households!
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Schedule Assets

How can our station make more money? Year after year that's one of the top questions hounding the broadcast industry. BTi is here to help you with Schedule Assets. The new Schedule Assets allows stations to monetize tickers and other screens by easily scheduling Sponsors and Snipes. Once they've automatically gone to air, As Run Reports make it easy for the station to bill sponsors and analyze results.

BTI can use Microsoft's Surface Hub paired with Power BI to update Election data, on Air, in Realtime

  • Election Mobile Update (EMU)
  • Schedule Assets
  • School Closings
  • Databridge

Election Mobile Update (EMU)

Election Mobile Update allows a user from a remote location to input race results using a smart phone, tablet, or PC connected to the internet. Simply log in, select the race and enter the numbers. BTi's

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Schedule Assets

Sponsoring tickers is easier and more lucrative than ever with BTi! Increase Revenue by reporting exactly how many hours, minutes, or seconds you aired a sponsor graphic this segment, day, week, month, quarter, etc. Run a report and

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School Closings Attendant

Shouldn't your station be the one news source in town to gain the trust of parents? BTi's School Closings Attendant software is the preferred solution for fully automating the collection, management and delivery of school, business and

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Data Bridge

O nce you build your look, it's the information that keeps the audience. Legacy data sources, with their ever-changing wire codes and costly pricing structures, remain an ongoing barrier to taking full advantage of your graphics. BTi DataBridge

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