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EMU = Election Mobile Update. Election Mobile Update allows a user from a remote location to input race results using a smart phone, tablet or PC connected to the internet. Simply log in, select the race and enter the numbers. BTi's Election Voting software at the TV station captures EMU, notifies the staff, and an update is ready for air in seconds. EMU = the Fastest Race Results Possible.

Be FIRST in Your Market with Election Results... Guaranteed!!!* with BTi and EMU

BEAT the competition... save $$$ with fewer staff at the station and more visibility in the community!! BTi is in New York, Houston, Chicago, Seattle and many other markets helping their customers beat everyone else in the market!!
The WINNER... BTi wins the race with the quickest race results AGAIN! Call BTi now to learn how you can get results manually, from data sources, from data scraping, and NOW from EMU... BTi's new Election Mobile Updates from mobile devices!!

* BTi / EMU is a WIN / WIN. Only one station can be FIRST in your market! Shouldn't that be you?