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Powerful Automation for Public, Educational and Government Access CableCasters! BTi's PEG Attendant™ will allow your station to provide a configurable and continuous stream of valuable news and programming information to your viewing audience throughout the day. The information will be current, relevant and engaging, and will be presented in a professional manner using broadcast-industry equipment instead of scan-converted computer images. Best of all, this functionality is competitively priced.


PEG Attendant combines hyper-local community information with automated news, sports, weather and financial content from our data service. "Priority Crawls" of breaking news or emergency information specific to your community can be displayed in a matter of seconds — providing a distinct advantage over broadcasters serving larger areas.

Whether part of a major TV market or the only game in town, PEG channels are uniquely distinguished from broadcasters in that they serve individual municipalities, providing built-in legitimacy and credibility — giving you an edge over broadcasters who must serve entire ADIs. PEG Attendant helps you to focus locally while maintaining an interest globally.


Meeting Attendant Video

For live meeting graphics, consider BTi's Meeting Attendant for live tickers corresponding to meeting agendas and other municipal graphics needs.