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Engage for Attendant Solutions

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ENGAGE is the entirely new master control graphics platform from BTi. Written from the ground up to integrate seamlessly with Attendant Solutions, ENGAGE empowers your news brand to captivate and delight your viewers with beautiful real time information tickers.

Every Attendant Solutions application is fully integrated with ENGAGE. Mix and match school closings with sports scores and election results. Automatically reposition your routine news ticker when an emergency weather crawl is urgently required. Integrate candidate tweets from Twitter while election results are displayed. Tear down the boundaries of information and ENGAGE your viewers when the stakes are highest.

Powered by our own Headline Markup Language, your creative team can utilize this simple declarative markup language to take full control of your on air tickers. Display every headline in a field with its own unique effects and look? Chain effects to create complicated multi step headlines? HML makes the complicated world of master control tickers simple for your creative talent.

ENGAGE your content! ENGAGE your viewers! ENGAGE your world!
  • Attendant Solutions provides a simple data abstraction over your content eliminating the need to hook up to databases, xml files, or rss feeds
  • Mix and match data from any application
  • Build playlists to sequence and order your data feeds
  • Built in effects for continuous crawls, push crawls, wipes, fades, and many more display effects
  • Attach different effects to headlines in the same field
  • Chain effects to display complex multistep headlines
  • Layer based paradigm for instant on and off of informational layers
  • Complex multi layered commands appear as simple well known transmissions to master control operators
  • Declarative headline markup language for expressing how information should be presented to the viewer
  • Integrated scripting language for complex realtime display decisions
  • Real time software preview of output
  • No hardware dependencies for creation of tickers from any OSX based computer

Create your graphics with the graphic design tool of your choice (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, etc). Export your graphics as png's, tif sequences, tga files and import them into the ENGAGE image store.

Build layers to integrate your graphics with the wealth of informational content from Attendant Solutions.

Declare how you want your information to display on these layers and how you want the layers to come on and off with the revolutionary Headline Markup Langage built into the ENGAGE platform.

Fire off these layers with the familiar transmission paradigm used for 20 years to display tickers from the Attendant Solutions ticker solution.

  • NTSC, 720p 50/59.94/60, 1080i 50/59.94/60
  • Digital (SDI) video output (internal key) or separate key/fill
  • Blackburst and Tri-Sync gen lock
  • OSX 10.10 (Yosemite) based operating system
  • Sonnet xmac mini server